My new 500px site

I've just set up a 500px account as another platform for my images. If you're not familiar with 500px it's a bit like Flickr. Very like Flickr actually except that it's aimed more at pro and enthusiast photographers (rather than everyone and everybody like Flickr!) Flickr is still great but it's not used exclusivly by people who really care about photography- some folk just use it to share family pics with friends; it's not uncommon to find images of some random bloke wearing a pink dress at some random stag do in Poland- you know what I mean...

Any way, with this in mind, I've joined 500px in the hope of attracting some valuable feedback from working pro photographers in many fields so as to furthre improve my own work. After all if my images are rubbish I want somebody to let me know how rubbish they are, not tell me they're great so as to flatter me in the hope that I'll give them some praise in return (which can happen a lot on Flickr.) If I don't know my images look like they were shot by a five-year-old I can't get better can I! See the link to the site in the 'Links' section.
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